Saturday, March 14, 2009

day 2: ocm

No new massive pimples this morning... I think the jojoba/castor mix is the trick. I did, however, wake-up with a pain in the corner of my right eye; I'm praying that it's not a stye, but am taking preventative action by rubbing gold all over it. Gross, I know.

What else? I finished Twilight. Yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon -- along with millions of tweens. I found it to be satisfying in it's swiftness -- the book practically reads itself, but the content was pretty outrageous. Um... a teenage girl, smart, pretty, awkward... moves to a new school where she's popular, and while she's really intelligent, cannot fathom her new popularity... this is the first outlandish part of the story and it just gets worse from here. Apologies to you Bella/Edward/Jakob lovers -- I had the same luke-warm reaction to this as I did the DaVinci Code (which I had chalked up for drek before I even got to the title page). I'm going to read the entire series, however, since a friend is so kindly loaning the books out and I'm really, really going to try to enjoy them. I will admit that after reading the last John Irving book (which took me no less than 4 months to complete) that a fast read is just what I needed to kick start an early-Spring reading obsession. I have a small stack of books to get through and I figure a Stephanie Meyer book interspersed with some more heady stuff will keep me interested -- it's like Taco Bell for the brain.

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