Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ocm update

I kinda fell off the OCM wagon the last couple of days... and my face is FREAKING OUT! Sigh. I should've just not started... I'm going upstairs to do some Oil Cleansing tonight because my face been really dry the last few days and I'm hoping to mitigate some of whatever it is I've done to my face and start doing the OCM every other day. I just can't adhere to a 2 week regimen.

In other news, I'm pretty devastated by Natasha Richardson's death. I can't help but think of some of the hard falls I've taken snowboarding/skiing over the years and how I shouldn't shrug that kind of thing off so lightly. I'm also incredibly clumsy and am prone to knocking my head on all sorts of things... it's troubling. I've been thinking about how healthy she looked... and that she had a family and it's all gone in a flash. I'm just absolutely gutted for her kids, and her mother -- no parent should have to deal with the death of a child and no child should know the pain of losing a parent. Sigh.

Tomorrow is a day for errand running and Twilight Book 3 beginning.


Susanna said...

Me too - yikes! I was thinking this year that I might actually get crazy one day and take a ski lesson ... but now I'm back to being scared. And wearing a helmet around the house.

Her poor children. And poor Liam Neeson.

Angifreak said...

Yes, I feel for Liam, too (although I expect there's a long line of women waiting to console him).

I should get a helmet for everyday things... I'm famously clumsy -- if it's hard -- doesn't need to be jutting, my head has probably hit it (or my little toe... or an elbow). It's my not-so-hidden talent -- the ability to hurt myself almost anywhere or with anything. One day I might write about the unfortunate wiffle ball incident, or the time when a cotton ball attacked me. Really.