Friday, March 13, 2009


Oil Cleansing Method. I'm trying this out as of last night and I'm going to force myself to stick with it for at least two weeks... After cleansing last night with one part Castor Oil and three parts Grapeseed Oil (had it in the fridge) my face was soft and smooth... it looked lovely before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it looked like a magical forest on my face -- three pimples. Nice. They looked like button mushrooms sprouting on my chin and cheek... it's lovely. I'm trying to stay calm; this is something that has worked for many people and they say that the first week is going to be nasty as the oils pull impurities from your skin, but this is going to be a long, long week. I did a bit more research today and decided to try swapping the grapeseed for jojoba (got it on sale at Vitamin Cottage, yay!) so hopefully the damage will be mitigated somewhat going forward.

In other news my mother still drives me crazy. Urgh.

I also did something slightly out of character yesterday. I was out having Pho with L and these two women walked in, ordered and sat down behind us. When they walked in, one of the women was on her call phone... fine, wrap it up and then eat, right? Wrong. She continued to blather on even after the food was brought to their table -- I learned that she was visiting from Tennessee and was on her way to Los Angeles... that her insurance had some issues... that she was enjoying her visit with her friend and that she'd seen her father... and on and on. It was so frustrating. I used to have a friend who would do this -- we'd be out and she couldn't give me any of her attention. She'd constantly be texting or talking on her phone or checking her messages and it would be incredibly annoying to me.

So, aside from a couple of snarky comments from L and me which the friend not on a phone probably didn't hear I would've normally just left it. But I didn't. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, I leaned over and apologized to the woman not on a phone. I said I was sorry that her friend was so rude to her. She brushed it off by saying, "It's no big deal," which really set me off. I said it WAS a big deal, that her friend should have some consideration for her... and on and on. All the while the woman on her cell was blahblahing away completely oblivious.

I'm turning into a curmudgeony old crustbucket... with zits.

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