Monday, March 30, 2009

since it's gone all yarn and cats anyway...

I got an update on "Boots" today! Unfortunately they lobbed the rest of his tail off yesterday, but I get to bring him back tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't have any latent trauma... I scrubbed the bathroom clean of blood and feces with bleach so all the "triggers" have (hopefully) been erased.

Apparently the poor little fucker couldn't stop gnawing on his tail stub. Yeah... um... tasty. The vet figured he had developed a compulsion to chew his tail so they took it all off. What breaks my heart is that he was sitting there gnawing on his tail for five days. Urgh. He's on pain meds and antibiotics now (pills and liquids... fabulous). I still want to adopt this guy and be an official "Foster Flunkey." I've already got a couple of names picked out for him -- so it's bad...

This is why I love him:He's lovely, isn't he?

AND, the first Shalom is almost finished... need buttons... needs blocking, then wearing.


aemcdraw said...

Okay first, the photo of Boots is sooooo freaking cute. I can't wait to hear what names you have picked for him.

And second, master knitter, I am in freaking love of that cardi! I am going to put that on my que and devour some yarn in my stash with it. Love.It!

Angifreak said...

Anne... OK. Ernie (after Ernest Hemingway... he's not really suave enough to carry "Hemingway"), Bob (because I like to give cats real people names... and his tail is now bobbed, although this might be TOO obvious) and the even more obvious "Stumpy" although this seems a tad cruel.

I think that red yarn you harvested off the vest would be perfect for a Shalom. Seriously. You probably have enough to do 3/4 sleeves even.