Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twinkle, twinkle little...

... cat butt. Seriously. He's got that stripper thing going on since they shaved all around his tail. Boots came home today with only a 1" stub of a tail -- when he flexes it, so does his anus. He's proudly been showing me all afternoon. Grrrr.

I'm really surprised that this guy is still so affectionate considering all he's gone through. He's dealing with a collar (conehead) although not with much grace. I wasn't sure that I'd still want to adopt him after his latest surgery -- I really thought his personality might change for the worse, but he's even more adorable... annoyingly so at moments.

I get to foster for two more weeks -- stitches out on the 10th and then I'll need positive thoughts so that the DDFL lets me adopt him. He's so sweet that I'd think they'd want to put him up for general adoption -- as a glowing success story. My only problem is what to do when I get work again. I was half hoping that Jess would be able to stay here and care for him, however she's committed to her house-share and I don't know when I'm actually going to be working... ideally, I'd be able to take him to someone's house but that might be too much to ask of a friend. Catsitting for a week or two is one thing, part-time custody is another. Sadly, I have to keep this whole thing a secret from my mother -- she would truly kill me for taking in another cat (mine tend to be long-lived and she has been my full-time petsitter in the past...)

In other news, I really suck at Guitar Hero -- the band edition. Drums suck and while I hope that they're nothing like "real" drums, I think I'd probably be a disaster on real drums, too. Poop. I've always wanted to play... I think I probably lack the coordination. I'll stick to fake guitar/bass and singing (sorry folks).

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