Sunday, April 5, 2009

is it easter yet?

I'm confused. I woke up late today, spent the day knitting and realized it must be Easter soon, no?

So I finished a hat... out of boredom. Out of avoidance. Out of a need to bust some stash. I'm undecided as to whether or not I actually LIKE this hat -- it doesn't sit well over my glasses, so it might have to wait for post-Lasik days (if I ever get around to doing that). Or it could end up in the frog pond... I'll sit on it for a while before I do anything rash like rip it apart.
Here's another photo of Boots in his brand-new 12cm collar. Poor guy. I know he's miserable, but his tail isn't full healed... the one stitch he didn't rip out is tenuously thread through the right side of the tail stub... I want to make sure it stays until stitch-removing day (the 10th).Tomorrow is a busy day. I actually have plans on a Monday! What the? I'm taking a crochet class at the library; if it looks pants, tomorrow will be my first and last day. I'm also doing a cheese focus group thing -- should be great. Yesterday I went to the art museum for free 1st Saturday... I was standing on the 3rd floor in front of an exhibit -- now I've forgotten what it was... maybe the lipstick latrines? At any rate, this man was standing to my side with three friends -- I couldn't stop staring at him because I was certain he was someone I had known in a previous life (i.e. high school or some horrible short-term job somewhere). His friends pulled him to the side since I was being terribly rude... trying to get my brain to wrap itself around itself, and then I realized "BY GEORGE!!!" it was "George" from Grey's Anatomy. What the hell is he doing in Denver on a miserable Saturday... and at the Art Museum on the free day as well? Weird. I did see the foxes. That's why I was there.


Ginger said...

Oh.. Boots has a big head!

Angifreak said...

Ha! Yes, it's a big head full of air, unfortunately (he's not the brightest bulb, you know). Poor guy has to wear the cone until he's completely healed... another week or so. Urgh.