Friday, April 17, 2009

look at what i can do

Mme Cheap posted a really great recipe on her blog recently and I've been itchy to try it. Bread? No-knead, no fail bread? I was intrigued... I actually went out and bought my first dutch oven to bake this in (I love you Costco), mixed up the ingredients and stuck it in my fridge and waited. I really had doubts... how could you make bread from just four ingredients: water, yeast, flour and salt? Seriously? That's all you need?? But look:
And it's edible!!!

Wednesday I adopted "Boots" and now we officially belong to each other. He's awfully cute... and while it probably wasn't the most responsible decision, I'm actually happy I did it.

I finished another cotton shopping bag and the Dude approves... or cowers. That's beside the point. I'm renaming him "Ernie" after Ernest Hemingway who, apparently, had an affinity for polydactyl cats (something I didn't learn when I went to his house in Key West...) but will most likely just call him "Dude." He's not partial to any of his names, so we'll go with Dude. Poor guy still gnaws on his tail stub -- what's left of it -- I hope that some Rescue Remedy will alleviate that problem. Poor guy is a ball of stress. Two neurotics; we're perfect for each other.


Cheap Like Me said...

Beautiful bread! Good thing you discovered it just in time for your 30-day challenge. And congrats again on Ernie Dude.

Angifreak said...

Ha! Yes... I plan on starting to run again, too (eventually) so I'll be needing the carbs. Everything in moderation, right? Um... does that mean one loaf per day?