Wednesday, April 15, 2009

signs, signs, everywhere is signs

Really. Today as I was driving to Petsmart, a Lincoln Continental filled with Buddhist Monks drove by. It was so surreal -- all these men with shaved heads in orange robes in a very new tan Lincoln? They had the requisite "stuff" on the back shelf under the window (in this case, it was two orange Asian-style pillows... those horrible round ones in silk with embroidered panels on top). Anyhow on Sunday the Asian siblings, Tammy & Victor on The Amazing Race, went under a bridge and cat-called to a bunch of monks walking overhead...

It's just got me thinking lately that I have no religion. My mother is Buddhist -- she became very devout while my parents were divorcing. She'd drag me to the temple twice weekly and would spend lots of time in front of her mini home-shrine, chanting and burning incense... it was such an embarassment to me at the time. I now know that she really needed it, that she might've shut down otherwise and she couldn't do that when she had a kid to take care of. The only thing I got out of her return to her religion was participation in the marching band (she briefly joined an Nichiren sect and this was their kind of "Sunday School" for kids). Whatever, I was happy I finally got to play the piccolo -- a sad substitution for the flute, but close enough... it wasn't as unwieldy as my cello.

Are these signs pointing me in a certain direction? Are they? I've been going through a minor crisis of self image, would meditating help me here? It's just really weird. I tend to read into things a bit much, but this seems so obvious.

Anyhow, check out this pillow wig. Sorry to get so tangential, but I was looking for an image of one of those round pillows and found this instead.


fey said...

Tis all in your perspective:

Once I saw a Buddhist monk in Evil-Mart. He was in the candy section. Fiora (at age 5 or 6?) was with me and she walked right up to him and said,
"Hi! I like China!"
He threw his head back and laughed like anything.

A few aisles later there was a priest in full black robes and collar.
Fiora grabbed me, pointed and shouted, "Look, Mom, Mom, DARTH VADER!!!"


Angifreak said...

Have I told you lately that I love your little girl?

Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me said...

Probably meditating would help you.

Where we lived in north Denver we were near the Thai Wat temple (right off I-70, at Julian?). The monks were always walking around our neighborhood in their orange robes or driving in their minivan. One liked to go to the Kwik-Mart and buy lotto tickets.

Again, we should have been in contact in our youthful years. I wanted to play the cello, but my mom said it was too big, so I picked up the flute (I think out of "Oh yeah? THIS is small!") and never did like it. I still have it though ... swap you for your cello?