Sunday, May 31, 2009

terrorism begins at home

Somehow I missed this story today. I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but when they encroach on other people's bodies I take issue. I have to fight the urge to drive over the "right-for-life" protesters with their horrible posters of fetuses outside the Blue Cross and Planned Parenthood buildings in Denver -- they're out there on a regular basis. It always amazes me that the majority of the people walking the line are men.

I wonder if the man who shot Dr. Tiller struggled with his decision to walk into a building and shoot a man dead like so many women (and their partners) do when faced with the decision to have an abortion.

I honestly thought the days of shooting doctors who perform abortions had gone the way of the Postal Service Rampage, but apparently I was wrong. This saddens me to no end.

falcor, the luckdragon

Tonight L met me for dinner up in my hood. It was delicious and I'll be paying the price later... but a funny thing happened on the way home. I took a side-street even though I wasn't drunk. I usually only take this street if I run the risk of a DWAI/DUI or if I'm riding my bicycle -- the last time I rode this street I had a water balloon thrown at me.

Anyhow, on the way back to my house a little white dog ran out into the street -- he's definitely a cross between a poodle and something long but who knows what. The poor thing had recently been groomed and had a collar with a rabies/registration tag but no other information so L is taking him home with the hope that animal control will call her in the morning with the owner's information. I have a feeling she's going to rip them a new one (this dog isn't neutered and the kids who we saw trying to round him up said that this isn't the first time they've seen him running loose).

I don't know how the owners could let this dog out. First, he's sweet. Very, very sweet. Second, he's a dead-ringer for Falcor from "The Neverending Story" movie. Seriously. I should've taken a picture but I found a nice photo of Jesus riding Falcor via Google:
I also can't get the theme song to "The Neverending Story" movie out of my head...

In related news my cat appears to be a bit "slow." I was thinking yesterday that he doesn't seem to know how to hiss. I'm convinced now. We brought Falcor into the house, and while The Dude puffed-up quite impressively, he didn't hiss. The poor dog was seriously freaked out by the cat with no tail. Hmmm.

You learn something new. Every. Day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Denver is big on nicknames... our mayor is "The Hick," Washington Park has been shortened to "Wash Park," our arena is affectionately referred to as "The Can" (it's official name is The Pepsi Center). Most neighborhoods around Denver not only have their subdivision names, but recently they've been assigned "cute" nicknames, too. Here's an overview: LoDo (Lower Downtown), SoBo (South Broadway), PoHi (Potter Highands), WeHi (West Higlands, where I live) and RiNo (for River North). It's endemic.

Today I went to "Getting to Know RiNo" -- a newish arts district north of the S. Platte and Cherry Creek rivers -- a warehouse district that's rapidly changing into a loft/studio district. Today's featured studios were all south of the tracks, next month be on the other side. Anyhow, I went to support one of my fellow knitters and to grab some free pancakes (which I never actually got -- blame sleep and a craving for savory) but it was a beautiful day to walk around and check out some of the local art.

I really liked AnDenKen's temporary exhibit. I wish I'd written the artist's name down (I'll have to google it later), but I did take a couple of photos. Apparently this woman is French with a strong cute/japanamation obsession. I liked her stuff. She had shadow boxes with figures on doilies and other found objects fashioned into butterflies. The boxes were all labeled with fictitious scientific names (species, genus and order) -- the whole thing felt like falling into a Studio Ghibli film.

We also hit up a few open houses and it was apparent that what I've heard about Denver's real estate market is true: that it hasn't been hit very hard by the recession. I was also taken aback by the current design aesthetic (ugly) and work ethic (slap-it-up, sell it). This was so obvious when we stopped by The Pattern Shop -- it's a live/work space shared by a couple of local artists. They moved into the RiNo neighborhood when people weren't living there and it gave them an opportunity to score a large space in a commercial building and design it to suit. It was really beautiful and it was so lovely for them to let everyone tour their living space as well as the studio/gallery. Here's evidence:

I'm really happy that the LA job op didn't work out. I really feel lucky to live where I do. It's a beautiful, laid-back city that's not too small and not too big. There are so many spaces to explore so if I'm home this summer, I'm going to try to get out on my bicycle and do just that. To date I've been a lousy hostess when people come to visit; this will change!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

queenie and princess, r.i.p.

These guys were so cute... I only knew them for a very short time, but I know they would've grown into beautiful, lovely cats. This was taken just before we left to go see the vet for what I thought would be a quick in-n-out visit for antibiotics; when I opened the fridge today and saw the left-over can of kitten food, I cried a little bit. I wish I could get through a whole can of cat food for my fosters before they have to go back to the vet. Seriously.

I got confirmation this morning that they were euthanized last night. It's so, so sad. SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS, PEOPLE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

positively gutted

I just finished decontaminating my bathroom. I was overdue for a thorough Spring cleaning, but didn't expect to have to do one this week...

Yesterday I got a call from the DDFL asking if I could foster a couple of kittens. Apparently they've had a glut of kittens lately and are in need of people to care for them until they're old enough to be put up for adoption. I got two sisters: Princess and Queenie (a calico and the other was smoky black) 8 week old kittens. The plan was to keep them for a week, fatten them up, and then they'd go up for adoption. I don't need to say how cute they were... it's a given. Kittens are goddamn adorable. When I got these guys home I decided to acclimate them to The Dude and a new environment by letting them have my master bathroom... they were so tiny but they tore up the bathroom soon after I liberated them from the cat carrier. Ernie was freaking out; he was really interested in the kittens, not in an "mmm, tasty" kind of way and that's encouraging. I already decided that I wasn't going to try to adopt either of these kittens; but it was nice to know that I could probably bring another cat into the house for The Dude and he'd be alright with it.

So, the calico was clearly fighting an URI. This meant that her sister would be sick within a couple of days, but I wasn't too worried. I planned on calling the DDFL first thing in the morning and getting them in to be seen and leaving with some antibiotics. Well, the DDFL beat me to the punch. I got a call that I should bring the kittens back as soon as possible since their mother had tested positive for ringworm. I was upset that every foster I've had from the DDFL has required at least two trips before returning them, but whatever, I was planning on taking these guys back anyway. I told myself to check the cats out before I bring them home next time; had I just taken the kittens out of the carrier before leaving, I would've noticed that they had colds.

So, I get to the vet and am told that the kittens most likely had been exposed -- that their mother had horrible lesions on her and had to be euthanized. I was devastated, but still hopeful that I could keep the fosters. They then told me that I might end up having to care for the kittens for months... up to 4 months until they cleared the ringworm. The vet tech explained that they don't treat ringworm at the shelter; that it's highly contagious; that they're dealing with 54 cats who have been exposed at the shelter and that if I didn't take the kittens home that they'd most likely be destroyed. I was gutted. I didn't have a strong emotional attachment to the kittens; I'd only met them 18 hours earlier, but it devastated me that they would be killed... they were just kittens. The vet tech also explained that their immune systems were already compromised by the URIs and that treating that on top of dealing with the ringworm might make them miserable... and that at the end of it, they might end up having to be destroyed anyway. The poor vet tech had to deal with me bawling in the exam room... she looked no older than 24 and here I was, a grown-ass woman breaking down over two little kittens.

I have concern about my own cat; a foster I adopted and made my forever companion less than a month ago... I'm still waiting for them to tell me what they'll do to help me deal with this if he's infected. I've also done a little online research and it's not as devastating as I thought; it's essentially athlete's foot -- a fungus, however it's really difficult to eliminate. So, I just scrubbed down my entire bathroom with bleachy water... I don't really have the energy to vacuum my bedroom, but I'm glad I made the decision to cordon-off my bedroom and bathroom yesterday -- even if it's only because I didn't want my cat to catch a cold off the kittens.

Now I'm on quarantine for 60 days and will have to take more cultures from my house before I get the all-clear and am able to foster again. I don't know that I want to foster anymore, though. I'll also know in 2 weeks if the kittens and my house tested positive for spores... sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for something, you know? OK, the laundry is ready for it's second wash.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

on fear of success?

I have an interview on Tuesday with the Pop Star. I'm absolutely terrified. I don't know what frightens me most: getting the job and doing well; getting the job and having to move; getting the job and moving to LA and not having any real friends there; not getting the job.

I truly dislike Los Angeles. It's a place that effects/affects me negatively every time I go there. The smog I can handle. The earthquakes? I doubt "the big one" will hit anytime soon. I just feel like the people there are vacuous and shallow... that it's the kind of place that turns people into assholes. When you meet people for dinner, they're always looking over your shoulder to see if there's someone they should be networking with at the next table. It's true. I've seen it happen. LA is also a city where people are consumed with how they look -- I fall prey to the self-esteem trials every time I'm there. I never feel like I'm trendy enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. Even though I know these external forces aren't "real" I can't help myself when I'm there, so yeah, I'm concerned that moving there is going to have a huge effect on my happiness. Combine self-esteem deflators with lack of friends and this could be a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand I need change in my life. I feel so honored that a friend would recommend me for the job I'm interviewing for, and I really don't want to let her down by not taking it if it's offered to me. I've been sitting here bargaining with myself for days now -- trying to come to the "ideal situation," or at least the best possible compromise. This is where I stand now: I can move to LA temporarily. If this artist goes on the road this summer, that's perfect. I can sublet for a couple of months and will only need to move out two suitcases and my cat. I'll have to deal with getting the cat back to Denver when we go on the road, but it shouldn't be too hard... a plane trip at worst. I can also say "no" if my gut tells me to. I'm praying that the pop star doesn't like me or can't wait until June 1st for me to start working, but that her management company do like me... that they'll give me work which won't require relocating to LA.


I'm really feeling sick about this whole thing, but I should have some resolution after Tuesday. It's just crazy that I've got this potentially great opportunity in front of me and I'm terrified.