Sunday, May 31, 2009

falcor, the luckdragon

Tonight L met me for dinner up in my hood. It was delicious and I'll be paying the price later... but a funny thing happened on the way home. I took a side-street even though I wasn't drunk. I usually only take this street if I run the risk of a DWAI/DUI or if I'm riding my bicycle -- the last time I rode this street I had a water balloon thrown at me.

Anyhow, on the way back to my house a little white dog ran out into the street -- he's definitely a cross between a poodle and something long but who knows what. The poor thing had recently been groomed and had a collar with a rabies/registration tag but no other information so L is taking him home with the hope that animal control will call her in the morning with the owner's information. I have a feeling she's going to rip them a new one (this dog isn't neutered and the kids who we saw trying to round him up said that this isn't the first time they've seen him running loose).

I don't know how the owners could let this dog out. First, he's sweet. Very, very sweet. Second, he's a dead-ringer for Falcor from "The Neverending Story" movie. Seriously. I should've taken a picture but I found a nice photo of Jesus riding Falcor via Google:
I also can't get the theme song to "The Neverending Story" movie out of my head...

In related news my cat appears to be a bit "slow." I was thinking yesterday that he doesn't seem to know how to hiss. I'm convinced now. We brought Falcor into the house, and while The Dude puffed-up quite impressively, he didn't hiss. The poor dog was seriously freaked out by the cat with no tail. Hmmm.

You learn something new. Every. Day.

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