Sunday, May 31, 2009

terrorism begins at home

Somehow I missed this story today. I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but when they encroach on other people's bodies I take issue. I have to fight the urge to drive over the "right-for-life" protesters with their horrible posters of fetuses outside the Blue Cross and Planned Parenthood buildings in Denver -- they're out there on a regular basis. It always amazes me that the majority of the people walking the line are men.

I wonder if the man who shot Dr. Tiller struggled with his decision to walk into a building and shoot a man dead like so many women (and their partners) do when faced with the decision to have an abortion.

I honestly thought the days of shooting doctors who perform abortions had gone the way of the Postal Service Rampage, but apparently I was wrong. This saddens me to no end.

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Meg said...

I have also been wondering about the guy who shot the doctor. I wonder if he can see the tragic irony of his deed.