Thursday, June 11, 2009

my ankles have disappeared

a.k.a. further adventures in mystery allergy illness

Yeah, so they put me on a steroid which has a side-effect list as long as the phone book and I think I got the "mood altering" and "anxiety" ones and know for a fact that after gaining 6 pounds in as many hours that I have the "swollen leg" side-effect. It's not pretty. I feel so very Hilary Clinton, but am wondering when I'll have ankles again.

The doctor says give it 3 days.

Seriously. I actually felt my legs swelling up yesterday; I was on the phone with L as I filled my car with the gas and I said, "I think my thighs are getting fatter as I stand here pumping gas!?!" It seemed unlikely, but when I got home and removed my jeans, my legs had taken on a helga-esque quality. Hello, I'm part-German, I have LEGS but this was out of control. That's when I weighed myself and was despondent over my 3-day 6 pound weight gain. Ho boy. I still went out and met the ladies and after some consternation over mixing a beer with steriods, I decided, "what the hell!"

When I got home I couldn't take the itchiness, the tightness the fatness of my legs. I took out the fact sheet for the medication and read the side effects... yadda yadda yadda, stop taking if... blahblahblah... call your doctor if... and then I came to the "Stop taking immediately and call your doctor" part. Swollen Legs. It was 10pm. I thought I should weigh myself again. 6 more pounds packed on!!! I phoned the after-hours care line because I didn't want to be too rash and just go to the ER (although I really wanted to go to the ER). They assured me that if my feet weren't blue or really cold, and that if my heart hadn't stopped beating that I could elevate my legs and go to bed. In essence, take two aspirin and call them in the morning.

Well, they called me. I went back in, paid another $30 co-pay to get the "circus side-show treatment" and I was dismissed with the reassurance that I'm not actually ALLERGIC to the meds, but that I was suffering an unfortunate side effect. Yay.

In related news, I know this is all down to where I'm temping (old, musty school) and who I'm temping with (old, musty woman... FF). More on FF later. OR not. She makes my blood boil and I shouldn't let her get to me.


moxieknits said...

I think your allergic to FF!

susanna said...

Hang in there! Are they going down? Too bad it isn't Halloween -- you could go as Hillary (maybe a pantsuit with rip-off legs so you could tear it into a skort and show off the cankles?).

Angifreak said...

Bahahaha. They're going down and the coming back up. Yesterday it was everything around my ankles. Not pretty.

I'm pissing like a racehorse all the time, though, and they said this would happen once my body started to release the extra water, so... I'll show everyone at Estes on Sunday if your stomachs can take it!