Monday, June 1, 2009

on overreacting... not an erica jong book

I woke up today and NPR was talking about an Air France flight that had gotten "Lost" over the Atlantic. I immediately felt my blood pressure rise and I started to get agitated; it got me out of bed, at the very least.

I hate plane crashes. I really, really do. It's completely irrational and weird and considering how much I have to fly when I'm working, it's a bit of a hindrance and yet my ears always perk up when I hear of any kind of aviation incident.

I was relaying this story today at my temp job and going on and on about other incidents I've had on planes... i.e. barfoterium, too-lax flight attendants (Southwest) and the arrest on the flight I took to Palm Beach in February. Fran, a woman I'm temping with (and fellow aerophobic? aviophobic?) said that she'd heard about that PBI flight! I felt famous for a second. I didn't realize it had made the national news. Bless.

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