Monday, June 1, 2009

on really bad botox or when vanity has gone too far

Faith Salie is a columnist for "O" magazine, apparently. She's on Oprah today with an actual Ethicist talking about how to deal with "sticky situations." I'm having a hard time listening for all the attention Ms. Salie's forehead warrants. I'm totally distracted! The woman has a generous forehead and she's wearing her hair long, in soft waves, parted down the center and the wide swath that the middle-center of her upper face is, IS NOT MOVING. Note the dead eyes in the photo here.

She's tried to squint... I can tell -- her lower face moves to meet her upper face and the assimilation of a squint is happening, but it's not the real deal.

Did no one tell her that this looks odd? I just want to hug her. Someone has some low self-esteem. Wow. I just found out that she was a Rhodes Scholar. What the?

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