Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lesson of the day

Yesterday started well; I woke up early and actually had the energy to go for a swim. When I got to the pool, it was relatively uncrowded (I didn't have to share a lane) and the water walkers were respectful to try and stay out of the way... it was good. I didn't do the mile swim that I used to get through easily, but I did 1000 meters; not too shabby for someone so out of shape. I was feeling really great when I left and made a good choice: I was going to get a salad for lunch, not the burger I was craving.

I should've had the burger.

When I got to the grocery store (the one on the way home, not the nicer one a few blocks out of the way) I saw a kid walking towards my car as I parked up. No biggie, he's not going to harass me, right? Wrong. He was selling something. I chose to ignore him -- not a nice move, but honestly... you're trying to SELL me food in a grocery store parking lot? I went inside, got my food and left... my shopping took no more than 10, 15 minutes max. When I got back outside, I could see that my car had been kicked... or punched... or hit (most likely with the cooler the kid was carrying with him). There was a teenager in the car next to me -- he'd been chatting on his cell phone when I got out of my car, and was still blah-blahing away to someone when I returned. He confirmed that the kid had hit my car. Bastard! I started to walk towards the kid to confront him, but a van pulled up and he climbed inside... so I made a report with the police because it looked like these people were trucking kids all over town to have them sell crap in parking lots. It smelled of a scam. I don't want compensation for the scratch -- I just need to buff it out, but I just got to thinking that these kids are the delinquents of the future. I hate being solicited at my house... in my car... anywhere. It's annoying.

So what did I learn? Don't save the environment if you want to eat healthy -- just drive the extra 5 blocks out of the way to shop at the good store... or go for the burger. It'll save you grief in the long run.

Also, Jeff Goldblum was on Conan last night; he's losing his hair and used some sort of Ronco spray product to fill in the gaps... it looked, erm, sad. I lost a little love for the Goldblum last night.


sd said...

That sucks!

Also, Ronco reminds me of my mom telling me once she had the best sex of her life with this married (my opinion ...) man she met on Match.com who had visible hair plugs. NICE.

Angifreak said...

Oh no. Hair plugs are bad... and let me tell you a story I heard about a former employer. He wouldn't let any woman touch his head during sex -- he'd go limp if they did... he had a serious issue with his thinning hair line. Anxiety was definitely an issue for this man... ah, bless.

Who honestly thinks plugs are the way forward? That's just delusional, but I also see it as payback for my hypersensitivity over my disproportionate breast:ass ratio (which is fine, but you know, the mens, they give me the complex -- one is too big the other isn't big enough).