Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ernie of the day

I'm too tired to write about anything at all. This is proof that I don't abuse my cat.

Monday night (not happy cat):Today (happy cat):

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bone tired

This last week has been exhausting. Seriously. I'm really looking forward to my (one) day off tomorrow; my plan is to re-assess this whole "work" thing on a weekly basis. Last night I crushed my middle finger somehow -- I'm waiting for my nail to turn black... earlier in the week I tripped over the practice high-wire and am keeping progress shots of the bruises on my upper thighs. I'm probably too clumsy to be working the circus, but until I kill myself or someone else, I'm just taking it one week at a time...

I have an hour before I have to leave so it's time for my little pep-talk. To myself. To get out the door.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

steampunking at the dpl

Last weekend was chock-full of activity; I had forgotten that I signed up for this "steampunk magnet" class at the library until a couple of days before when they sent me a reminder notice... I was stoked! Steampunk? What's this all about? After a quick google search, I realized that it's like every Tool video... and the ones that Marilyn Manson was doing -- before he was unisex, but after all the blood -- the really old-timey looking ones with mechanical devices and prosthetes... so yeah, it's a design aesthetic and I never knew it had an actual NAME.

So excited for the two hour magnet making class, I rode my bike downtown and sweaty -- not just from the ride, but the EXCITEMENT, I settled in next to a couple of really lovely ladies and readied myself to learn all about this thing. OK, so there was a paper plate in front of me with some papers and bottle caps and stuff but surely this was Part One of our Steampunking Lesson, right? This is a two-hour class... we'll be doing TONS of exciting stuff, right? Nope. we made three magnets. I was out the front door in 20 minutes. So here's how you do it:
  1. Drink beer. Recycle glass, keep bottle caps... rinse (apparently it's optional as mine had all manner of hair and dust and buggy bits).
  2. Find some appropriate images in clip art or whatever... print out on nice heavy-bond glossy paper in color... or sepia toned... or your choice. There were many images of Oscar Wilde and Johnny Depp and you know, scenes from Metropolis and photos of the interior workings of clocks. And unicycles. Lots of unicycles.
  3. Gather other bits: sequins... mechanical bits... whatever. The shinier the better?
  4. Cut out image; glue into bottle cap... throw in other bits and then fill bottle cap with resin. Let dry... glue powerful magnets to the bottom of bottlecaps and voila! Steampunked, y'all!
Look at what I can do:
The suitcase needs some help... don't judge me my taste in music. I see an Outcast CD next to Husky Rescue and Graham Coxon. I haven't bought an actual CD in a while, so these are old. I am old. I am almost 40 years old (I have to practice this now so it doesn't sneak up on me... just over 3 years to ready myself). So, I picked these up at a mid-century modern store that was closing shop and didn't really get them for a song, but close. Two 1950's Samsonite faux croc suitcases for $35. They were probably $5 at whatever garage sale they were picked up at before they became mine, but they're cute. I need a good solution for propping them up -- I don't like seeing them on the floor, but they make really great storage for my often-played CDs (these). I have about 2500 more CDs up in shelves in the loft that I need to unload... I just can't come up with a good storage plan for them -- does anyone know how to run iTunes off an external drive? I'd like to set-up a digital jukebox, but until that time, I'm keeping all my tunes because it's comforting knowing that if I need a "We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Going to Use It" song for a random video, I have it close at hand. Yeah, I've also got a couple of Black Box CDs... and loads of dubious 90's BritPop.

So these suitcases need to be relined... I need motiviation and cute fabric I think. The water stains, I'm telling myself, give them character. I won't even show the ones in the big case -- they're pretty gross.

ernie of the day

His pink nose and whiskers are probably my favorite parts of him... and the little tufts of hair on the tips of his ears, too... and the fact that he's just a lover.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Really, that is all. I temped today... I will temp tomorrow. It'll be frantastic and I'm going to try really hard not to get an ulcer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ernie of the day

What a SLUT! (ahem, sorry for the mutilated man parts... I didn't have time to crop this before posting).

on the "new" trophy wife

Someone on Ravelry posted this article about how younger Asian women have become the new trophy wife. As I read it, I was a little angered... and even after I realized the author is herself an Asian woman I was still a little incredulous.

Then I got to thinking. Maybe she's right. Maybe just a little bit... it's been under the radar -- the "new" model of trophy wife, but you cannot argue her point. She's got a short list of couples in her article and my own dating experiences back up her position... just a bit. So yeah, I've done a little bit of online dating (unsuccessfully although this is not my point). In your profile you list what you're looking for in a partner -- one of the categories is always an age range. I guess you could say I'm conservative... I list a range of +/- 5 years yet I get quite a few winks and nudges and emails from men significantly older than me. Like, old enough to be my father... and on rare occasion, my grandfather. I never contact these men... I figure they are looking for a trophy... but more than just a trophy. They're looking for someone submissive, or someone who fits the stereotype of the "Asian woman" we've all seen in movies... and TV and in other media. Maybe they're veterans who are looking for someone who harkens back to their glory days in 'Nam or Korea. Who knows, but it has always made me uncomfortable.

The author of the article presents a new perspective: that older men are looking for not only a "good looking woman" but also one who is accomplished and intelligent. I never really thought of it like that, but I think my first inclination, that these men are slightly pervy is probably the norm. I mean I was once approached by a man at a bar who stated that Asian women make great lovers because they squat all day in the rice paddys. I kid you not. And my last (douchebag) boyfriend made a point of stating that I was the first Asian he had "had." Nice. Well, author of Marie Claire article, bravo for trying to put a positive spin on this issue... I'm not buying it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

ernie of the day

This is actually from last week... he was on my clean laundry pile not helping me fold anything. I love this picture because he looks drunk.


I had a good time last night volunteering at the Kings of Leon show. I was worried when I pulled up -- there were quite a few people parked up tailgating in the parking lots already (a good 3 hours before the show). Eh, the crowd was really mixed; I didn't expect there to be so many people. Mostly I expected to run into a girl I worked with on a tour -- we didn't like each other at all. She's been working for the KoL for a few years now which just about kills me, but I'll get over it. I didn't see her, either -- that'll help me get past my jealousy.

I think last night was my last show up at the Rocks for the year. When I get around to it, I'll post some photos. We had insane storms all night -- none actually over Red Rocks, but you could see lightning on the horizon all night -- it was beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the lightning strikes; they're all in my head... with all the voices (just kidding).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ernie of the day

Yarn pillowz

when the crazy starts to seep out between the seams

I had a moment the other day. I was exhausted after the hike and just three blocks from the turn-in to my neighborhood, I was almost side-swiped by a large SUV. I will fess up. I am a woman. I am not always a very good driver. I try not to talk on my cell phone when driving because I know how easy it is to get distracted and, I don't know, KILL people so I try to leave the mindless chit chat for times when I'm stationary and concentrate on not dying while driving.

So this woman, she's blah-blahing on her phone... she was weaving in and out of her lane -- as if the yellow line was just a suggestion. I was a little freaked out by her, but ended up next to her anyway and she almost hit me. I slowed down and then she cut me off... she didn't indicate... she didn't do anything. I thought, in that moment, that she had just swerved into my lane. I gave a short honk to say, "Hey, pay attention." Well, she wasn't paying attention. I had a low moment. I leaned into my horn and didn't let up for a good block, when I got to my turn-in. It didn't even phase the woman... she continued to talk and drive erratically.

I don't know why I had the compulsion to honk so aggressively and what was most frustrating is that it didn't make a damn difference. It was a crazy move and I'm sure it won't be the last crazy thing I do. I just need to make an effort to keep it bottled up so I can release it in a socially acceptable way -- like by drinking myself under the table on a random Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ernie of the day

looking for ladies

Ladybugs, that is. A friend on Facespace posted pictures of a ladybug swarm up in the mountains and he was kind enough to tell me where he saw them... it was up Evergreen Mountain, not a terrible hike, not far from Denver.

So I roped a few friends into my crazy scheme to find all these ladybugs (thousands of them, I swear... the trees in my friends photos looked RED from all the ladybugs) because it's an unusual event; it's happened before, but it doesn't happen all the time, and people have been very guarded about the locations of these swarms (i.e. ladybug orgies). My car doesn't like the mountains. My ass doesn't like climbing. My feet don't like converse (no, I wasn't very prepared because I read the trail notes and it was classified as "easy").

What was supposed to be an hour hike, turned into a three hour hike... sound familiar? Gilligan's Mountain Trek! We made it back, but our efforts were fruitless. We only saw one ladybug that day... and it was orange. My theory is that it wasn't up to snuff and the other ladybugs left it behind.

We did see a crazy Jesus-obsessed man (my theory). He booked it up to the summit and then back down, holding rosary beads. Odd. All the little bits: no ladybugs, three hour hike... Jesus man -- it added up to cheesy horror movie plot. Thank god we didn't die.
We did see a hummingbird...

...and some "wildflowers" or weeds... whatever, they're pretty

And this is the view from the top