Wednesday, August 5, 2009

looking for ladies

Ladybugs, that is. A friend on Facespace posted pictures of a ladybug swarm up in the mountains and he was kind enough to tell me where he saw them... it was up Evergreen Mountain, not a terrible hike, not far from Denver.

So I roped a few friends into my crazy scheme to find all these ladybugs (thousands of them, I swear... the trees in my friends photos looked RED from all the ladybugs) because it's an unusual event; it's happened before, but it doesn't happen all the time, and people have been very guarded about the locations of these swarms (i.e. ladybug orgies). My car doesn't like the mountains. My ass doesn't like climbing. My feet don't like converse (no, I wasn't very prepared because I read the trail notes and it was classified as "easy").

What was supposed to be an hour hike, turned into a three hour hike... sound familiar? Gilligan's Mountain Trek! We made it back, but our efforts were fruitless. We only saw one ladybug that day... and it was orange. My theory is that it wasn't up to snuff and the other ladybugs left it behind.

We did see a crazy Jesus-obsessed man (my theory). He booked it up to the summit and then back down, holding rosary beads. Odd. All the little bits: no ladybugs, three hour hike... Jesus man -- it added up to cheesy horror movie plot. Thank god we didn't die.
We did see a hummingbird...

...and some "wildflowers" or weeds... whatever, they're pretty

And this is the view from the top

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