Monday, October 26, 2009

master procrastinator

I should be packing right now, but I'm surfing the web and about to make some cookies... I also need to clean house since I'm leaving town for a few days and I HATE coming home to a messy place... but I choose to be lazy now instead.

I needed to get some Whoppers for the Malted Milkball Cookies I'm making to take to Maine tomorrow and I got stuck behind a car plastered with anti-abortion stickers. Some were pretty offensive: A baby doesn't have the CHOICE to live... Abortion Kills...

One sticker, in particular, caught my eye: "Abortion causes breast cancer." Really? Is this a scientific fact? I could've parked next to her and said something like, "having three kids under five causes cancer" -- I'm sure that there's a study out there somewhere that would show that the increased stress three small children places on a person can cause a number of different diseases... but I didn't, because it would be rude and you can't win an argument with some people.

On the abortion issue, I've always taken what I think is a neutral position -- and that's the pro-choice position. In countries like China where they've instituted mandatory birth control (via abortion... or cash incentive... or whatever) I would classify that as the extreme. The opposite extreme is no abortion and so the choice option, in my mind, is in the middle. It's where the State stays out of your bedroom... out of your body and you have the choice, which is surely not an easy one. When I see people pushing their anti-abortion opinions on others in a way that's not diplomatic, that's not kind and is meant to intimidate, I take pause.

So yeah, to go from cookies to abortion in under a minute... that must be a record. I'm going back to cookies now.

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