Tuesday, October 20, 2009

taos roundup

I've waited a couple of weeks to write about Taos... it was a good trip. I definitely needed to get out of town, and although our trip was brief, it was packed full of laughs... and great chile (I ate no less than 6 chile rellenos)... Trader Joe's... and a back-alley liquor store. I don't know what else to say -- I'll just post some photos:


aemcdraw said...

Okay. So the photos I am stealing from you are the top 3, plus maybe the bottom 3. Actually, for sure it is the 3rd photo; that sky!!

Thanks for the round up. You know I need to get my photos developed! Don't let me forget!

Angifreak said...

I'll hound you until you get your developed... did you use up the entire roll?