Sunday, November 29, 2009

could i live like this?

No. I lost my head for a second at Costco (in Brooklyn) today and thought, yeah! I could live here... I could do this. But honestly? Costco in NYC is kinda ridiculous. You either need to know someone who has a car or have one yourself... because even though I only bought four items, it was a pain slogging them back to my friend's place.

I also hit up Target. I was having a suburban dream day -- not unlike my typical Sunday at home. I suppose that's why it was so good and why I honestly thought, for about a minute, that I could live here. Was it the Italian Sausage sandwich with peppers at Costco for $2? I don't know. Maybe it was when I saw the entire case of kosher goods... and the pickled herring for $3 (which I didn't buy). It's really just a hard place to navigate and I'm like, getting old. I love the convenience of hopping in my car and DRIVING places. I do! It's also kinda great not having a car, but sometimes... just sometimes, it's such a fantastic thing. The driving.

It's odd. People move at a very slow pace here in stores like Costco and Target. Slower than at home. I don't get this... someone should do a study. I'd read it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

making friends all over the place

For real. Not really. Well, kinda.

I must walk with purpose... which makes me look local. OK, sure, when I'm walking the dogs, I probably look like a resident -- why else would I be walking dogs, right? Even when I'm not walking the dogs, though... even when I think I look lost, people will ask me for directions. Last night on the way to a concert I met a really cool woman from N. Jersey named, Magda. She was up for the Black Friday shopping with her kid, sister and niece and nephew -- they were trying to get to Penn Station to get home already. Cool. I was kinda heading the same way -- so I helped them get there.

I explained that it's funny they asked me where to go, considering I had no idea, but they trusted me and we got to talking a bit while we waited for the train. I don't know. I keep meeting people. I probably should avert my gaze... or not talk to strangers, but that's the thing about this city. There are so many people and they all seem so caught up in their own stuff that they don't talk to others.

After the concert I got a ride back downtown by an acquaintance -- he was dropping off former colleagues closer to their place, which it turned out wasn't far from where I'm staying. I just started talking to the other couple -- and I think they were a bit taken aback. What's weird is that we had a common acquaintance and we were in a car (and kept hitting red lights). I learned that guy was from Denver originally and knew where I live... the girl was from LA originally.

I hope that when I'm home, I don't shut out the people around me... that I am open to meeting new people. I used to be really good at talking to "strangers," but it's been a while -- funny that I have to leave my comfort zone to come to this realization.

Also, I'm having a bit of a problem posting photos... so those will come eventually.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wait. wwjw?

What would Jesus Wear? This is on Nightline. Huh? Pure Fashion???

new york... new york. week one.

Well, I'm almost to the end of my first week in NYC. To date, I've done pretty much nothing! My goal on this trip (aside from the house sitting and pet sitting that I'm here for) is to do as many touristy type things as possible -- today I did my first one. I went to the inflation for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade -- all the way up behind the Natural History Museum.

OK, so everything I read said it starts at about 3pm... right. I didn't want to have to hang out too long to see the things inflate, so I waited until about 6pm -- which a woman at a knitting shop advised me to do. Whoa, Nelly. I had an inkling when I changed trains at Columbus Circle... there were quite a few kids on my train... I knew it was going to be a little crazy, but I really didn't have a clue. The police were directing traffic; everyone was moving in a weird circle around the museum and once we were halfway down the block, we could hear the generators (over the piped-in Christmas muzak) and see giant blobs of plastic. All the characters were strapped and netted down (to prevent their premature escape) -- I saw Snoopy so I was happy. SpongeBob Square Pants was on the other side -- all the kids were crying over it. I skipped side two -- Snoopy and Hello Kitty were enough... and the 10-deep crowd was unnerving.

I'll post pictures later. I need to take the dogs out for a wee first.

Another really great NY moment happened on a really crowded subway train last night. I went up to Yarntopia (near Columbia University) for their Tuesday knit night to meet someone from Ravelry -- but it was during rush our. Nightmare! There was a woman on the train across from me and it was clear she was upset about something -- she was acting out about the people around her and eventually had a really odd outburst. Anyhow, there was a stroller in front of me with the cutest 18 month old... he was getting upset over the car being so crowded... he couldn't see his mother, who was sitting next to me. Eventually another mother got on with her two kids -- one in a stroller and they sat opposite us (next to the upset woman). Her two-year old little girl grabbed the upset toddler's hand and reassured him. It was just really cute. It's like how dogs can suss each other out just by sniffing bottoms... and then everything is cool. The woman who was so upset could've learned something from these toddlers.

OK. Out into the rain and up to the roof... It's cold so I'm praying PT won't hop over to the other side and head down the dead pigeon fire escape... that was another adventure I'll recount on another day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

ernie of the day

My bug spends so much time on my bed; I suppose because it's the warmest, most sunny spot in the house. Or maybe he just loves me?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

bumper sticker wisdom

OK, so today I was driving and got behind an older, baby-blue Ford pickup -- with a bed-topper thing -- like a camper box thing? You know, the kind serial killers have?

Anyhow, this guy (if you go by his bumper sticker choices) was pro-Gun, but also pro-Choice. Weird. He had a sticker that said, "Criminals like victims without weapons" and then a bunch of other political ones like, "Keep your theology out of my biology" and "I was born OK the first time," and another one about the last time religion and politics mixed you didn't get a Reece's peanut butter cup or something to that effect. After last week's visual assault by the pro-Life Subaru, the following stickers made my drive:
"If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em"
"6 billion "miracles" is enough"
"Condoms are easier and cheaper to change than diapers"

As I passed this older gentleman, I gave him a big thumb's up -- not that he saw... or if he saw, he might've thought I was flipping him off, but still. His bumper sticker collection made me smile.

ernie of the day

Little winky winker... I'm off to submit my ballot! Tomorrow is election day... and I might have jury duty!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

some things make little sense

So last year there was a big to-do over a woman who wanted this on her license plate:
The DMV said that it could be misconstrued... misinterpreted... deemed offensive and denied her custom "vanity" plates. OK, sure... "I Love Tofu" could also be read as, "I Love to FU" but when you put in your application, I'm pretty sure they ask for an explanation. The rest of her car was plastered with pro-vegan bumper stickers so it's pretty clear what her intent was, right?

Well. I was driving behind a 4-Runner with this plate today:
I think it's equally offensive... I think they were Jesus freaks, but I'm kinda surprised that this plate could get approval. Just sayin. I'm also incredibly tired... so, grain of salt.