Sunday, November 29, 2009

could i live like this?

No. I lost my head for a second at Costco (in Brooklyn) today and thought, yeah! I could live here... I could do this. But honestly? Costco in NYC is kinda ridiculous. You either need to know someone who has a car or have one yourself... because even though I only bought four items, it was a pain slogging them back to my friend's place.

I also hit up Target. I was having a suburban dream day -- not unlike my typical Sunday at home. I suppose that's why it was so good and why I honestly thought, for about a minute, that I could live here. Was it the Italian Sausage sandwich with peppers at Costco for $2? I don't know. Maybe it was when I saw the entire case of kosher goods... and the pickled herring for $3 (which I didn't buy). It's really just a hard place to navigate and I'm like, getting old. I love the convenience of hopping in my car and DRIVING places. I do! It's also kinda great not having a car, but sometimes... just sometimes, it's such a fantastic thing. The driving.

It's odd. People move at a very slow pace here in stores like Costco and Target. Slower than at home. I don't get this... someone should do a study. I'd read it.

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