Saturday, November 28, 2009

making friends all over the place

For real. Not really. Well, kinda.

I must walk with purpose... which makes me look local. OK, sure, when I'm walking the dogs, I probably look like a resident -- why else would I be walking dogs, right? Even when I'm not walking the dogs, though... even when I think I look lost, people will ask me for directions. Last night on the way to a concert I met a really cool woman from N. Jersey named, Magda. She was up for the Black Friday shopping with her kid, sister and niece and nephew -- they were trying to get to Penn Station to get home already. Cool. I was kinda heading the same way -- so I helped them get there.

I explained that it's funny they asked me where to go, considering I had no idea, but they trusted me and we got to talking a bit while we waited for the train. I don't know. I keep meeting people. I probably should avert my gaze... or not talk to strangers, but that's the thing about this city. There are so many people and they all seem so caught up in their own stuff that they don't talk to others.

After the concert I got a ride back downtown by an acquaintance -- he was dropping off former colleagues closer to their place, which it turned out wasn't far from where I'm staying. I just started talking to the other couple -- and I think they were a bit taken aback. What's weird is that we had a common acquaintance and we were in a car (and kept hitting red lights). I learned that guy was from Denver originally and knew where I live... the girl was from LA originally.

I hope that when I'm home, I don't shut out the people around me... that I am open to meeting new people. I used to be really good at talking to "strangers," but it's been a while -- funny that I have to leave my comfort zone to come to this realization.

Also, I'm having a bit of a problem posting photos... so those will come eventually.

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