Sunday, November 1, 2009

some things make little sense

So last year there was a big to-do over a woman who wanted this on her license plate:
The DMV said that it could be misconstrued... misinterpreted... deemed offensive and denied her custom "vanity" plates. OK, sure... "I Love Tofu" could also be read as, "I Love to FU" but when you put in your application, I'm pretty sure they ask for an explanation. The rest of her car was plastered with pro-vegan bumper stickers so it's pretty clear what her intent was, right?

Well. I was driving behind a 4-Runner with this plate today:
I think it's equally offensive... I think they were Jesus freaks, but I'm kinda surprised that this plate could get approval. Just sayin. I'm also incredibly tired... so, grain of salt.


susanna said...

... especially considering that "geez" and "xmas" can be offensive. It's a weird world. Welcome back.

Angifreak said...

I'm SO happy to be back! I saw a couple of silly vanity plates in Maine, but am too tired to remember them.