Friday, December 4, 2009

bonding over tiger woods

I found a really great, really cheap curry take-away place about three blocks from where I'm staying today. While I was waiting for my vindaloo (yeah, sober... middle of the day... trying to stave off some sort of ick in my head and chest) a woman asked if she could share my table while she waited for her food, too. Sure! Let's chat.

She had the Daily Mail (OK, not the most high-brow paper available) and the inside front cover featured a two-page spread all about Tiger. Tiger and his penis of fury. We, two women, both talked about our empathy for Elin and the kids... that everything that is online now will be available forever -- that it's a shame their kids WILL know about all of this eventually. OK, sure, Tiger is a cheetah (one of my favorite zingers so far)... the countdown is on for his disclosure that he is a sex addict. Why is it OK for a man to cheat on his wife because he's a "sex addict?" Aren't we all addicted to sex? Wouldn't we all like to have sex with whomever we want? (Caveat: I DO know that sex addiction is a real problem for people who suffer from it; it just seems that it's the new out for famous people who cheat... like "hospitalized for exhaustion" is code for doing too many drugs).

It's just really horrible. This. This when there's real news happening in the world. Why isn't Obama's speech about Afghanistan making the front pages? His speech came AFTER Tiger's accident, and yet it's seemingly not that important. Le sigh.

In other news, I'm still talking to strangers... last night I met a lovely man sitting outside Purl -- he asked me why I forgot his coffee (I was finishing a cup of coffee and a cake before going into the store) and I've made a promise to myself to go back and share a cuppa with this nice man. He's clearly a neighborhood fixture... I just hope I don't miss him when I go back.

I also checked out this new store: Wool and the Gang. Cute name... cute store... cute. Overpriced. Oh well, it wouldn't be a Soho boutique less it were outrageously overpriced -- the staff, however, were very friendly. I'll be back... to browse.

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