Tuesday, December 29, 2009

coney island

I like abandoned amusement parks -- I like the quiet, the stillness which is in stark contrast to how they are the few short months they're open over the summer... Coney Island, I heard, is finally being shut down. There are plans, apparently, to redevelop -- but it's unclear what that means. I just hope they don't bulldoze, I hope the plan is to revitalize.

So today I took the N all the way to Stillwell Avenue to have a walkabout. The wind was up -- it's always really windy this time of year; it comes in off the bay and is killer. The beach was full up of broken glass pieces and disintegrating shells... plastic bags... syringes. It was altogether very sad, however that being said, I hope there are a few more seasons left in this ramshackle place -- where they still have a few side-show entertainments and crazy, dangerous rides like The Cyclone and Wonder Wheel. There's just nowhere else like it.


susanna said...

At first I thought your title said "Corney Island."

I've only been there once, on an Easter Sunday when it was closed ... and cold, and windy, and syringey.

Angifreak said...

Everything is different when you visit places you went to as a kid... isn't it? Like it's all a little smaller... shabbier. I guess you should just close the book on childhood and never look back.

Thank god I don't have kids -- there's no Disney in my future -- I thought it was disappointing enough as a child, I can only imagine how creeped out I'd be as an adult. I do remember Goofy had b.o. And the blasted tea cups. Barf.