Wednesday, December 2, 2009

etsy nights

So... Etsy has an office in Brooklyn (just next to the bridge) and every Monday they have some sort of free crafting night -- the last Monday of the month is open crafting. You just show up and do what you want -- they have supplies available to everyone.

I really wanted to try out some screenprinting something or other, but nothing was set out and since the organizer, Julie, was busy prepping for a craft fair in Chicago, I didn't want to trouble her so I just worked on some crochet and chatted with my new friend from Ravelry.

There are things about New York that I really love... like this crafting night at Etsy Labs. Sure, we have crafting nights in Denver but being able to hang out AT Etsy... and talk to people who work there about what you can do to make your storefront successful -- or to pick their brains on trending, it is really invaluable. I plan on going back Monday nights while I'm here -- six more to go!

Here are some pictures -- for those of you who can't make it.

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