Monday, December 28, 2009

feeling touristy

Or not. My plan for NYC was to come here and do all the touristy stuff I don't remember doing when I was little... to create my OWN memories of places like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. As I near the end of my stay here, though, I don't feel like doing much. I think it's just a holiday funk -- there've been so many people just EVERYWHERE and I'm sick of it.

I couldn't live in NYC on a permanent basis; I think I'd never leave the four blocks around my apartment -- it's really easy to get cozy and comfortable within spitting distance of your bed here -- in fact, it'd be very easy to be a complete shut-in. If, like me, you're someone who likes to do things for yourself, *cough, laundry, cough* then this is a place that can really get you down. Most of life's conveniences are at your fingertips here, but getting to them and getting them back is exhausting -- it takes some planning. I miss the ease of my life at home... I miss MY little conveniences like having a washer and dryer in my house... like having a car... like constant sunshine.

Cec came out for Christmas, which was fantastic, but I feel like I let her down -- like I didn't PLAN very well and she missed out on doing things she wanted to do... to see. We had set plans for Christmas day which were full-day plans, but the rest of the trip was so disorganized -- we said we just wanted to spend time with each other; she's my oldest, closest friend and we haven't seen each other in a year -- haven't even talked on the phone much due to her busy schedule -- so this was supposed to be a relaxing time to catch-up. It wasn't. I feel horrible about that.

Onward and upward, though. We went to MoMA and took the Staten Island Ferry for views of the Liberty Island... and I think I've had just about enough of crowds. Will I regret not checking out The Met? Maybe, but I don't think it's going anywhere... and I know I'll be back.

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