Thursday, December 17, 2009

a lot of this trip is like a dream

Every time I ride the train, whether I'm on the express or local, when one passes the other going the same direction, it's like being in purgatory. The expressions on the faces of the people on the passing train are usually pretty despondent -- in my head, it's like they've been condemned to hell and my train is full of noise, full of people in limbo. It's just really dream-like. Perhaps I feel this way because I'm so damn tired (SAD happening, I think).

I also get to live this ridiculous life -- where I'm living in a loft in Soho... where I have pretend pets (dogs)... where I can have parties, but don't. It's really odd.

I also find myself talking to a lot of strangers. Today the first stranger was on the train back from the pool -- I bring knitting for after swims because I'm usually so chill that I don't want to disturb that -- I like to let the endorphins rush for as long as they'll go so I knit to keep my mind quiet. A woman sat next to me and took out her own project. I rarely see people knitting on the train. There are forums on Ravelry devoted to this: spotting knitters on trains, much like spotting celebrities on streets. It's odd. You'd think that in a city so big that the odds of running into someone else knitting would be high, but today was a first, so I interrupted her knitting and she explained that she's knitting a scarf for her husband for Christmas. It was really nice. We talked a bit about the shops around town -- where to find great bargains, etc (all of which, due to my sleepy state) I managed to forget, but it was really nice.

This evening, after my trek to the Manhattan Costco (Queens, you're next!) I was walking the four blocks back to the 6 and a young man started chatting with me! It was really refreshing. I like this random interaction thing. It's not as likely to happen in Denver where we drive everywhere... are sealed into our bubbles going from one familiar place to another. We don't get to share tables at restaurants or benches on busses (OK, that's pretty pretentious of me... I do, in fact, ride the bus when I can, but I don't need to, nor do many of my cohorts). Where do you meet people anyway? Online?

And then there's this: I realized I could start a cottage industry in making guys ready to settle down. They never want to settle down with me, but it seems 80% of the men I date will move on and settle down immediately after dating me. I'm like the gateway to commitment. How can I market this? If I were to come to NYC every autumn, I could probably make a good living doing this...

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