Monday, November 22, 2010

ernie of the day

It's been cold the last few days... we brought out the flannel sheets. We LOVE the flannel sheets.

Monday, November 8, 2010

ernie of the day

Done gone squirrel watchin' (as usual).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ernie of the day

Qui est là?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ernie of the day

being busy

With Knitting. Here's a roundup of some of my current finished projects:

Click the image to embiggen. Left to right from top: Wool Leaves, Juniper Mitts, Textured Shawl Recipe, Opus Spicatum, Ribbon Scarf #127, Ghostgirl Scarves, Flicca, Washcloths (1 and 2), Fake-a-gamo bag.

And some works in progress:

Noro Giant Granny Square and Lady Eleanor Entrelac Shawl

Monday, October 25, 2010

ernie of the day

Waiting for the squirrel-friends to turn up and play.

Friday, October 15, 2010

ernie of the day

This is what happens when you eat the yarn around my house... just sayin.
...and what the hat looks like on top of a vase:Chicken Viking Baby Hat

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

stickin it to starbucks

Pumpkin Spice Latté hack (first shown to me by my friend, Susanna). Since Starbucks just raised their prices... again... this is a very economical way to have a great autumnal treat on the cheap. Added bonus? You control what you're having -- not "pumpkin flavored" pump additive with your coffee, this is the real deal. Did I go so far as to roast a pumpkin and scoop out the meat myself? No. Luckily my local grocer still has pureed pumpkin on the shelves (I only recently learned of this year's shortage!)

If you don't have Pumpkin Spice Mix on hand, no worries! Apartment Therapy has you covered there... I didn't have mace, so I simply left it out. It still tastes great!

Drink on and save your $4 for something more decadent... like a pint of pumpkin beer.

i'm a creep

I am. If I'm early for a flight... or if I'm waiting for someone to meet me at the airport, I like to wait in the Arrivals Hall. I'm not a hopeless romantic, but I just really get a kick watching the reunions. Sometimes people are reserved... a pat on the back or a handshake, but the good ones are the bear hugs. The swept-off-your-feet, bone crushing hug; these are the best.

I've been glued to the TV/internet since they started pulling the Chilean Miners back up to the surface; it's been non-stop nail biting excitement, tears, joy. I'm completely drained and I'm just an observer. It must be so amazing for the people who are directly effected.

They're just pulling Miner #29, Juan Carlos Aguilar up now and I'm so thrilled for Chile -- that they finally get some great news (after a year filled with it's share of disasters in the form of an earthquake and then the mine collapse). It's been amazing here as well, just shy of three weeks from elections and the "attack ads" all over television and the radio. You just don't realize how little good news we get these days. Today has been a nice break for a creep like me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

if i had a million (or a billion) dollars

I'd buy art.
I fell in love with this piece last weekend and foolishly didn't write down the artist's name (foolishly thinking I could just look it up online when I got home... nope). There's something very reassuring about Ted Koppel and I was quite sad when he retired/was removed from Nightline.

Aha! Google is my friend: Vik Muniz is the artist. Phew.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ernie of the day

Sweet Ernie.Not so sweet Ernie.
Vitamin Y(arn).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

not a sad day

But not as happy as I expected I'd be. I finally got my iPhone (a couple of days ago) and it's actually making me feel really dumb. I've had a long-standing love affair with Apple -- you can't beat their design aesthetic, and the user interface has always been very intuitive, but for some reason this phone is complicated to me.

First, I'm really sad that I left T-Mobile. OK, yeah, none of the providers are exceptionally good... they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but T-Mobile has been good to me for a long, long time. Their customer service has been decent the entire time I've been with them and their international rates (something that was important to me for a long time) were always the lowest (barring those international phone card things). When I called last week to check the status of my contract with them I felt like I was dumping the nice guy -- the one your mom wants you to marry... the one you know you should marry because he's a good guy. He's a guy who opens doors for you and actually has consideration for your feelings... I dumped him for the vapid hot dude who is fun for a minute but then you realize he's vacuous and shallow. And I feel guilty.

Perhaps that's why I'm not head-over-heels in love with my iPhone? I don't know. The thing that was like rubbing salt in my wound was the fact that even though I was taking a leap of faith and buying a product that has major flaws (antennae) and that the "fix" that Apple was providing was OK, not great, was that they weren't just shipping the bumper with the phone. No, you had to have the phone in hand, download the Free Bumper/Case application and then order said fix. Mine is coming in the mail... in about 5 weeks. Fat lot of good that does me today, Steve Jobs.

So I found my own quick, free fix courtesy of the USPS (thank god my postman wraps all of my mail in a rubber band when there's more than 6 items... this was just hanging out in my mail slot):OK, yeah, it's pretty ghetto, but at a cost of $0.00 and a relatively unending supply, it's definitely the way forward. I can be cheap and ghetto because it makes me feel (somewhat) smart.

Monday, August 2, 2010

ernie of the day

I love this guy so much, it really almost hurts. I have panic dreams about him dying... and my hypochondria has extended to him: what's that lump? Is it cancer? It's crazy, I know it. Life is fragile, you know? I just keep thinking about it... my mother brought up her will the other day in conversation; it's a necessary talk, but I like living with my head in the sand. The last two days when I left my house I saw horrible things -- a squirrel in it's death throes after being hit by a car, and today a kitten who had met the same fate. I started my days with tears so I wanted to put up something slightly whimsical -- Ernie loves him a good string and this one came last week. There are now "strings" all over the house -- it's a happy house, I'm a lucky girl.

Friday, July 23, 2010

ernie of the day

On the way to a yawn.

Monday, July 12, 2010

i am party affiliated

I haven't been before, but with politics going where they are I feel it's important to finally affiliate and vote in the primaries. I thought this would be a painful decision but it wasn't. Hopefully this will cut down on the calls from the "other" party... and all the junk mail. Mostly I thought that being unaffiliated would prompt the "tea party" to start harassing me, so it's official. I am now known, on paper with the Secretary of my State, as a Registered Democrat.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friends came to stay for a bit and we did some hiking. Thistle is probably considered a weed, but I think it's really beautiful.

emergency exit

I was at a thrift store today looking through books; not looking for anything in particular when a copy of "What Color is Your Parachute 2003" popped up. I joke that I really could use a copy to figure out what to do with the next phase of my life... clearly I can't say I'm a roadie anymore. My one-year off -- what I intended to be a couple of months' hiatus but called "one year" became a self-fulfilling prophesy... times two! -- has stretched into 2010 and I have to face facts. It's time to move on. But is it really?

And then there's the monster of a problem with what to do next?

I think my parachute has holes. Honestly. When I think of what I could do that would make me happy, a new vocation, I don't have the foggiest idea as to what I need to do to get there. On the other hand when I try to think of a sensible career path, I have so little interest in doing what I know would be financially stable that I don't do anything to get there. I'm in a state of stasis and it's frighteningly comfortable here most days.

Is this what a mid-life crisis smells like?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I googled "i80 printer eating paper backwards" I got this google result on the first page:

Do you see that? "Do women poop less frequently than men?" Odd. Google, sometimes you crack me up. I'm glad we're friends.

history repeats... so do dairy products

One of the worst sicks I've ever experienced was after a particularly greedy run-in with a pint of chocolate-fudge ice cream. It was violent. Due to the vomiting, all frozen sweet products were dead to me for almost an entire year -- not a small feat for a 10-year old kid.

Tonight I'm having a recurrence... well, not really, but I went too far with the ice cream and I'm having regrets over my poor choices.


Also, my portable printer may have just bitten the dust. How annoying. I just changed the ink.

Monday, June 7, 2010

ernie of the day

He took a quick break from lounging on the floor...Poor bug. It got up to 95 degrees today, so he's been sleeping all over the floor (anywhere that it's nice and cool). I let him hang out in the fridge for a bit while I made a sandwich (door open! It's our funny trick; I open the door, he jumps in). I think this is going to be a very long summer.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sad day

I woke to the news that Louise Bourgeois died on Monday. We were lucky to have one of her bronze sculptures on loan when the Denver Art Museum's new extension opened a few years ago -- I first met "Mother" at the Tate Modern in London -- it was one of the massive ones which was on display in front of the Guggenheim in Bilbao most recently (although I could be making that last bit up... Maman has traveled the globe). We had the mini-Maman in Denver, but she was still striking.

The massive spider sculptures are recently her most famous, but her body of work, which spans seven decades was revolutionary... controversial... important.

Here's a bit of Maman (after they moved her into the lobby of the DAM).

Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

ernie of the day

drug dealers and child molesters

Ice cream trucks kinda freak me out... the non-stop twinkling music... the slow way they move. I guess I've watched too much TV so I always think they're selling drugs out of the trucks. Maybe they do?

I don't think school is out yet and I hear a truck trolling the neighborhood. I suppose this is a harbinger of Spring, but it's kinda creeping me out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shoot me, please

It's all over. I like the new Beyoncé song ("Why Don't You Love Me"). Um, it's like the theme song for every romantic relationship I've been in for the last 15 years. Yikes.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i want my money back

an (almost) perfect spring day

It really was... after days of rain we had a glorious spring day yesterday -- it was typical Colorado weather: 70's, sunny... blue skies! Today was gorgeous (and 80 degrees!) but we had gale-force winds. It was the kind of wind that can make a person crazy and it makes me think of the dust bowl days -- I don't know how people coped... days of insane wind and dust.

Anyhow, a friend and I decided to make the best of it -- more cold/rainy weather is in the forecast; we went to hang at a coffee shop with a patio to knit. Before we hit the coffee shop, however, we hit up a couple of the cute shops next door. Look at what I found:
A new cephalopod friend! I want to name him... Wilson or Wilbur. It's, for me, decidedly male. At $20 it was a must-buy.

Now I'm home... on the couch, with cat in lap (computer on cat) and I'm stuffed and sleepy. Tomorrow fitness begins anew.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ernie of the day

Rainy evening two evenings ago.

Monday, April 26, 2010

dead dove, do not eat

So... I knit. I have a group of women who I've been knitting with, virtually, since I picked this up again about 6 years ago. I found the Knit Knack ladies (and a few men) on MySpace in 2004 when I decided to try a pattern and got stuck. Some of the people on MySpace moved over to Ravelry (and we've picked up a few members since then) and they're people who I share some of my deep, dark secrets with -- even though I've only met one of them in person.

One of the really fabulous things about this group is that we do swaps and until recently they've all gone pretty smoothly -- nobody had really flaked out before and everyone really tries to send things their recipient will love. After we did a blanket square exchange (which didn't go horribly wrong... 22/25 people actually sent their stuff out) I decided I was finished with swaps. I was so pissed off about the women flaking on the blanket swap that I decided it wasn't worth participating again... but despite myself I agreed to do another swap because it was low-cost and mailing would be within a month... there were a couple of women not actively participating in swapping but who agreed to be "angels" should anyone dare to flake out. Well, since this was all super-secret, I didn't know who I had been assigned to until today. I totally scored -- Mary (aka SeahagMary aka Knit To My Lou) sent me a box full of awesome!

I don't have the words, so I'm just going to show everyone (click any photo to see big):

Ernie also got a string... he LOVES it:

Also, I feel like I totally shortchanged my partner. I might have to send some more stuff to Georgia.

Friday, April 16, 2010

ernie of the day

I'd just exercised and was a little lightheaded; almost fell on Ern as I bent over to take this photo... so it's a wee bit fuzzy (kinda like how I was feeling).


Oh Costco... how I love you! Seriously. First there's this:and then there's this:
Let's get a little closer-in shall we?$19 for the books? I probably shouldn't be posting Costco's prices on the internet, but I'm so excited to have bought these books (they retail for $35 each). I've never hidden my weird love for Martha Stewart -- it's a kind of a "love to hate you" relationship -- and true, most of these ideas have been previously published in her magazine, but it's great to have a compilation. The photos are so beautiful; these might just end up on the coffee table. Actually, they'll definitely end up there because I'm too lazy to take them up to the loft.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

shouldn't judge a book by it's cover

But we all do. Lately I've been on a bit of a frantic health-kick... no, not really a health-kick so much as a major weight-loss campaign. It's not working. You really can't cram in enough exercise in a day to drop something ridiculous like 30 pounds in 3 weeks... in fact, I've been gaining weight. Le sigh. I hope that what I'm gaining is muscle and I'll wake up one day and all the fat will have been metabolized. I hope that day is next Tuesday.

I've been just disappointed the last year -- I didn't plan on being depressed, being dissatisfied and lazy, but that's what happened. Things just kind of snowballed; 2009 started out with a break-up, which wouldn't have been so bad except I then went into a period of unemployment. I felt like I was disappearing... I guess to compensate, I made sure I had a presence -- a physical presence in the form of 30 extra pounds. The last time I fell into a funk over a ruined relationship and the resulting weight gain, I promised myself it was the last time and I got into amazing physical and mental shape starting with a 30 day yoga challenge. That was over three years ago... how quickly we forget the promises we make.

So here I am. I'm back on a fitness kick. I honestly hope this is the last time I let myself fall into such a state of "illness" -- I really feel like that's what's happened to me; I've made myself sick. When you're sick you stay in bed all the time... you don't go out... you really don't enjoy life and that's what 2009 was for me. I know that I'm not going to fit into a size 6 by Tuesday, but maybe I'll be there by the end of the year... or maybe even sometime next year. I know I'll get there eventually... and that "6" isn't a magic number, it's just a number and when I stop caring about the numbers I'll know I've arrived.

Monday, April 12, 2010