Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the brightside

Since the fire, we've been getting one utility turned on after the other... starting with water. Electricity was next (which I thought controlled the hot water heater) and we're still waiting on Gas. The fire was Saturday afternoon. For real.

The upside to not having gas (because the obvious downside is freezing cold showers) is that I simply HAVE to eat out every meal. I waited far too long to hit up the many Banh Mi shops near here, but stopped in yesterday while I was returning "home" with clean laundry. Paris Sandwich on Grand is where it's at -- they've got an extensive menu of Banh Mi sandwiches and other Vietnamese delights (hello, Vietnamese yoghurt? Delish!). This didn't last very long -- although I did manage to stretch it out over a lunch and then the late-afternoon snack:
I also learned something interesting from the fire. After, one of the older firemen gave the suggestion to leave some cut onions out to absorb the smell... I was doubting his advice, but did a quick google check and after reading some blahblahblah chemistry stuff, I thought, "what the hell... it's only going to cost a couple of dollars and it just might work." And it did! I felt that it might be that the smell of cut onions would trump the stink of smoke, but I threw the onion remains out today and the smell is definitely dimished. I also scrubbed everything down with water and white vinegar, so hopefully my friend will come home and the evidence of the fire will be minimal.

I just got bad news: three gas leaks in the building (bullshit -- the boiler is on) but they're going to replace some pipes tomorrow and then ConEd has to come out and do another inspection and then, just maybe there will be gas tomorrow night. There won't be... it won't be back on until Monday or Tuesday next week... I can almost guarantee it. I'm pretty miserable... Denver is looking so attractive right about now.

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