Saturday, January 2, 2010

there's no place like...


2 January and I've already had more drama this year than I had last. OK, well, that's a lie... kinda, but tonight it was a FIRE! For real. Firemen... axes... and the temperature in NYC? It's freezing!!! So... I'm homeless, with two dogs... I smell like an electrical fire and I'm shaky and can't sleep even though I'm exhausted. The building Super, George, put me up in one of the offices on the 5th floor -- it's nice (all the furniture is DWR and Room & Board) and while it doesn't reek of smoke and I have internet, there's no water in the building. However, heating and electricity are a big step up from the blackout condition in my friend's place.

It's funny that I was thinking of packing this week, so I've already started organizing my stuff... so as panic completely set in, I was able to get almost all of my things packed before I exited the building with the dogs (that's why I now have my computer and my phone is charging). How messed up is that? My first thought was, "DOGS!!!" and then my second thought was "OH NO, MY SHIT!" -- which I then wheeled into the bathroom figuring if the building completely went up in flames, the bathroom was probably a safe place to store things...

I'm messed up.


Here's my last confession about this whole incident: I showered today and was SO thankful that I did so since there were firemen in the building. I don't do resolutions anymore, but maybe I should try to focus on prioritizing things properly in the future -- for instance: a more reasonable person would be thankful that firemen came to save their lives -- regardless of how clean they were that day. Right?

Now it's time to try to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your apartment. Would knitting therapy help?