Friday, February 5, 2010

an exercise in stash-busting

I'm broke... as in, "cannot buy things which are not necessities" and it sucks. On the upside I have a massive "stash" of yarn in the loft and since I have loads of free time, I'm knitting. I'm knitting as if my life depends on it (ok, too dramatic, but you get the idea -- I watched the season premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race so please excuse my dah-rah-mah).

My most current project is Sage Remedy -- it's a lovely capped-sleeve, gathered tee and almost every version I've seen on Ravelry looks amazing. The project I was going to make, Harper, hits right at the top of the belly -- you know, where the rounding begins. Where I now have rounding. Le sigh. I figured Harper could wait for that indefinite point in the future when I've gotten back into my regular clothes... it's got kimono style sleeves and I love the shape, but the shape doesn't suit my shape at the moment. So I'm going for some Remedy instead.

I actually made a swatch. I never swatch. Rather, I RARELY swatch before diving into a project; I figure that even if I don't get exact gauge, I'll make it work, but seeing as I need to be economical with my yarn, I thought a swatch would be prudent. Woohoo! I got gauge.And so it begins.

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