Thursday, March 4, 2010

should we send celebrities to war?

I woke up this morning as I always do -- to NPR. Today, there was an interview (I was half asleep, but it sounded like Terry Gross) with Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson which just about broke my heart. I've had days when I wake up crying -- sometimes it's just a dream I'm having, more often it's a story on NPR that touches me. SSN was embedded with a Marine patrol when one of the soldiers, a young man named Alejandro Yazzie was killed. She choked up and needed to take a break a couple of times when recounting the "incident" and again when she talked about a lighthearted moment they shared back at the base when she told him he had the "coolest" name.

This kid was a soldier; a husband (expecting his first child back at home); a Navajo. He was 23 years old and he was killed on a "normal" day in Iraq. It just seems so incredibly senseless.

I got out of bed, still weepy, and came down to watch the national news. What was the big story of the day? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's new, boyish haircut. I know morning shows serve a purpose -- to start the day off lighthearted... I mean, who wants to hear about someone's kid/husband/father being killed in Iraq over their Cheerios? Sadly, we need to hear more of these kind of stories.

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