Friday, March 12, 2010

the start of something very sweet


Polly said...

Hi Ange,

What are you knitting?

And, couldn't you put your cat into a cattery when you go on tour? Or get a friend to house-sit? Poor Ernie!

Hope you're well!

P x x x

Angifreak said...

Hi Polly!

I'm making a "Paper Dolls" jumper -- you can see it on this blog:

Fingering weight wool on US2 needles... this is going to take a while!

My poor cat... I'm still looking for a gig, unfortunately (for me... lucky for Ernie). I think he'll go back to my mom's when I finally get something; it could've been the 45 minute car ride that freaked him out. I'm sure that if he's given a couple of days to acclimate, he'll be fine. I have plenty of friends who can pet sit, but I hate to have to lean on them too often. I only know of one cattery in Denver -- I think the norm is to board cats at the vet; but that would be expensive for me and traumatic for Ernie. I think I'm too neurotic for housesitters, unfortunately.

He IS the best bad decision I've ever made; it'll work out when I get work. I'm sure of it. Poor bug.

Shanny said...

Sweet indeed!