Sunday, March 7, 2010

worst cat-mom ever

So... I haven't seen my mother in months. She gives me the krajees and I typically have to write-off the entire day when we have face-t0-face visits. Today was OK, not too traumatic, not spectacular. I decided to take my cat over so she could meet him -- I adopted him last April, but didn't even tell my mother I had adopted a cat because I feared the Lecture. She's my go-to cat-sitter when I'm on the road; I haven't worked on the road in over a year -- although I didn't realize this would be the case when I decided to make Ernie my forever pet, that's how it turned out. My mother looked after my other two, now deceased, cats for years. She has a reason for being upset that I would adopt another cat... the ones I get tend to be long-lived (20 and 21 years for the two dead ones) and when Bill died while I was on tour a couple of years ago, I promised her I would never adopt another cat. Ever. That was a lie. A bald-faced and horrible lie, but I had to tell her that at the time -- it was the only thing that would get her off my back.

So anyhow, I think I managed to keep Ernie a secret for three months before I broke down and told her... but today was the first time she got to meet him. He was a wreck in the car (as always) and was acting really odd at her house -- terrified, actually. I don't know if it was the ghost of Bill or her dead dog, but he was literally cowering in the corner for three hours. Poor bug. I knew it would be hard on him so I took his favorite toy... THE STRING. Seriously. He loves his string... it's a drawstring from an old hoodie that he drags all over the house. I almost got him to play with it at my mother's, but not quite. When her old-lady cigarette smoke got to be too much, after she had popped in a K-drama, I decided it was time to pack up and go. My mother never lets me leave without a large parcel of stuff -- today it was fresh eggs from a farmer friend, a bottle of wine, a massive container of kimchi (which she made in front of me), some rice and some soup... also some frozen bulgogi (you know, because clearly I'm starving). In the madness of getting Ernie packed into his dreaded crate and slogging all my loot into the car, I totally forgot the string. OH. MY. GOD! THE STRING!!! He hasn't noticed yet, of course, but he will. He'll troll the house and yowl plaintively (as he does when we're getting ready for bed... if the string isn't just at the top of the stairs or laying next to his food bowl). Crap. I called my mom and begged her not to throw away the string. She said she wouldn't... but I don't entirely trust her.

The poor bug pissed himself on the drive home and now I don't have a string to console him with. No, wait. I have A string but not THE string. Crappers. Lucky for my mom, she gets to see me twice in one week now. Urgh.

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susanna said...

Hopefully Ernie likes kimchi!