Wednesday, April 28, 2010

an (almost) perfect spring day

It really was... after days of rain we had a glorious spring day yesterday -- it was typical Colorado weather: 70's, sunny... blue skies! Today was gorgeous (and 80 degrees!) but we had gale-force winds. It was the kind of wind that can make a person crazy and it makes me think of the dust bowl days -- I don't know how people coped... days of insane wind and dust.

Anyhow, a friend and I decided to make the best of it -- more cold/rainy weather is in the forecast; we went to hang at a coffee shop with a patio to knit. Before we hit the coffee shop, however, we hit up a couple of the cute shops next door. Look at what I found:
A new cephalopod friend! I want to name him... Wilson or Wilbur. It's, for me, decidedly male. At $20 it was a must-buy.

Now I'm home... on the couch, with cat in lap (computer on cat) and I'm stuffed and sleepy. Tomorrow fitness begins anew.

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