Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh Costco... how I love you! Seriously. First there's this:and then there's this:
Let's get a little closer-in shall we?$19 for the books? I probably shouldn't be posting Costco's prices on the internet, but I'm so excited to have bought these books (they retail for $35 each). I've never hidden my weird love for Martha Stewart -- it's a kind of a "love to hate you" relationship -- and true, most of these ideas have been previously published in her magazine, but it's great to have a compilation. The photos are so beautiful; these might just end up on the coffee table. Actually, they'll definitely end up there because I'm too lazy to take them up to the loft.


Mary said...

Oh my. Big time jealous here. I have the same love hate relationship with Martha. Coming from a Polish family, I've always felt a weird kinship to her. My uncle once described a great aunt as an "uppity polack" and that term always comes to mind when I watch Martha. Awesome books for sure, I've checked them out at the library. Too bad my club membership is at Sam's.

Angifreak said...

Mary, check at Sam's -- I'm sure they have them there, too. If not, let me know and I can pick up copies for you here and mail them media rate -- which is cheap, no?

If I were working, I'd totally just send you copies, but I'm brizzoke lately. I'm broke and just found a new store that has the entire Amy Butler line of fabrics. Eff my life!