Monday, April 12, 2010


Don't know why I was thinking about this today, but I was... my mind really wanders when I'm sleepy. Anyhow, I was thinking about this couple my father knew: Randy and Annie. I thought they were the coolest; I met them when I was 12 or so... my father worked with them and I occasionally got to hang with the grown-ups at company softball games or whatever. Anyhow, Randy & Annie (I can't remember their last name) were supremely cool -- in retrospect, one or both of them must've been engineers who worked with my father; they were about 10 years younger than him... childless... they had really cool dogs (golden retrievers maybe? cocker spaniels?? I just remember the "idea" of the dogs... not the actual beasts). The one thing that put them over the top on the cool-meter was the fact that they had a convertible Karman Ghia (it was orangey-red with a black rag top) which they were restoring.

I remember the couple of times Annie took me for a spin in the Ghia. I was so in love with that car -- I could actually SEE myself driving a car just like it when I was old enough. The smell of it was so delicious. Eventually I got a '69 Beetle Cabriolet but it wasn't anywhere near as chic as Randy & Annie's Karman Ghia.

Anyhow, they eventually got divorced (I was well into my teenage years and was too caught up in my own drama, as adolescents are); they never had kids and I thought it was so odd that they would split up seeing as they didn't have children to break up the marriage* . It's weird. I hadn't thought about it in years -- about how I thought it so bizarre that they would split up. I wonder who got the Ghia.

*I've since had tons of counseling, thankyouverymuch.


susanna said...

Ooh! Weird. I wanted a Karmann Ghia so badly when I was in high school. My dad sniped, "They need a lot of maintenance, and then you would get your fingernails dirty." So weird, because I wasn't that much of a girly girl ... but I don't like to have dirty hands. I could've worn gloves.

What other psychologies do the Ghias bring out in us? Hmmm ...

Angifreak said...

Hmmm. Would make a cool and quirky PBS documentary, wouldn't it? Um... I'm just not willing to fund something like this on credit cards, but would be happy to watch it if someone else did.

Their Ghia was an "automatic" -- where let up on the accelerator to shift. So supremely cool. My Beetle was simply a death-trap. I can't believe I survived the Beetle years.