Thursday, August 12, 2010

not a sad day

But not as happy as I expected I'd be. I finally got my iPhone (a couple of days ago) and it's actually making me feel really dumb. I've had a long-standing love affair with Apple -- you can't beat their design aesthetic, and the user interface has always been very intuitive, but for some reason this phone is complicated to me.

First, I'm really sad that I left T-Mobile. OK, yeah, none of the providers are exceptionally good... they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but T-Mobile has been good to me for a long, long time. Their customer service has been decent the entire time I've been with them and their international rates (something that was important to me for a long time) were always the lowest (barring those international phone card things). When I called last week to check the status of my contract with them I felt like I was dumping the nice guy -- the one your mom wants you to marry... the one you know you should marry because he's a good guy. He's a guy who opens doors for you and actually has consideration for your feelings... I dumped him for the vapid hot dude who is fun for a minute but then you realize he's vacuous and shallow. And I feel guilty.

Perhaps that's why I'm not head-over-heels in love with my iPhone? I don't know. The thing that was like rubbing salt in my wound was the fact that even though I was taking a leap of faith and buying a product that has major flaws (antennae) and that the "fix" that Apple was providing was OK, not great, was that they weren't just shipping the bumper with the phone. No, you had to have the phone in hand, download the Free Bumper/Case application and then order said fix. Mine is coming in the mail... in about 5 weeks. Fat lot of good that does me today, Steve Jobs.

So I found my own quick, free fix courtesy of the USPS (thank god my postman wraps all of my mail in a rubber band when there's more than 6 items... this was just hanging out in my mail slot):OK, yeah, it's pretty ghetto, but at a cost of $0.00 and a relatively unending supply, it's definitely the way forward. I can be cheap and ghetto because it makes me feel (somewhat) smart.

Monday, August 2, 2010

ernie of the day

I love this guy so much, it really almost hurts. I have panic dreams about him dying... and my hypochondria has extended to him: what's that lump? Is it cancer? It's crazy, I know it. Life is fragile, you know? I just keep thinking about it... my mother brought up her will the other day in conversation; it's a necessary talk, but I like living with my head in the sand. The last two days when I left my house I saw horrible things -- a squirrel in it's death throes after being hit by a car, and today a kitten who had met the same fate. I started my days with tears so I wanted to put up something slightly whimsical -- Ernie loves him a good string and this one came last week. There are now "strings" all over the house -- it's a happy house, I'm a lucky girl.