Monday, August 2, 2010

ernie of the day

I love this guy so much, it really almost hurts. I have panic dreams about him dying... and my hypochondria has extended to him: what's that lump? Is it cancer? It's crazy, I know it. Life is fragile, you know? I just keep thinking about it... my mother brought up her will the other day in conversation; it's a necessary talk, but I like living with my head in the sand. The last two days when I left my house I saw horrible things -- a squirrel in it's death throes after being hit by a car, and today a kitten who had met the same fate. I started my days with tears so I wanted to put up something slightly whimsical -- Ernie loves him a good string and this one came last week. There are now "strings" all over the house -- it's a happy house, I'm a lucky girl.

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Kim aka Chickenlady said...

Ernie is a lovely boy! I worry about my Bear all the time. I understand.