Sunday, June 5, 2011

on the road again

Sort of.

Two planes, two trains, two automobiles later and I'm in Bristol trying to stay awake. I really need to stop the silliness (nerves) over flying because it's so hard for me to sleep for the nerves for days leading up to a big flight. Today was no exception. No sleep pretty much guaranteed me a rough ride (four hours of turbulence... two completely full flights... screaming kids for 7 hours and odd human odors wafting around me over the Atlantic) -- no sleep was had on the plane. On my second train, a really nice gentleman wanted to talk to me all about the problems plaguing Britain (i.e. being green... elections... prisons... etc). He was nice, but I was exhausted. I have no idea what BS I was talking with him.

Three hours nap and I'm ready to eat! Off I go exploring...

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